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8 IN 1 Pre Wrapped Coils By Vpdam
Description: 8 in 1 pre wrapped coils by vpdam,the kit include eight different cois and totally 4..
Vpdam 7 IN 1 Pre Built Vape Coils
Description: Newest vpdam 7 in 1 pre build vape coils for those vapers who have many differe..
Demon killer Flame 6 In 1 Vapor Coils
Description: Demon killer flame 6 in 1 vapor coils,the coil kit include six different coils and t..
Demon Killer Flame Vaporizer Coil
Description: Demon killer flame vaporizer coil,6pcs per pack,made of SS316 vape wires,six differe..
Demon Killer 7 IN 1 RDA Coils
Description: Demon killer 7 in 1 RDA coils,include 28pcs vape coils and 1pc allen key,can be used..
Pre-built Twisted Vapor Coils
Description: pre-built twisted vapor coils,10pcs per pack,0.2ohm,0.36ohm,0.6ohm,0.8ohm and 0.9ohm..
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Pre-made Tiger Vaporizer Coil
Description: pre-made tiger vaporizer coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.36ohm per piece,the tiger..
Taiji Replacement Vape Coils
Description: taiji replacement vape coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.45ohm per piece,this premad..
Super Clapton Vape Replacement Coils
Description: super clapton vape replacement coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.6ohm per piece,one ..
Staircase V2 Vape Mod Coils
Description: pre-build staircase v2 vape mod coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.7ohm per piece,the..
Staircase Best Vape Coil
Description: Staircase best vape coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.3ohm per piece,double 24GA kan..
Staggered Fused RDA Vape Coils
Description: Pre-build staggered fused rda vape coils,10pcs per pack,26GA and 30GA twisted togeth..
Pre-Build Staggered Vape RDA Coils
Description: Pre-build staggered vape rda coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.25ohm,features 24GA k..
Pre-Build Shark Coils For RDA
Description: Pre-build shark coils for rda,10pcs per pack,0.15ohm and 0.3ohm coils available,the ..
Quad RDA Coils For Sale
Description: Quad rda coils for sale,resistance 0.36ohm,10pcs per pack,made of 4pcs 28GA vaping w..
Pre-Built Notch Coils For Vaping
Description: Pre-built notch coils for vaping,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.25ohm per piece,made of..
Pre-Build NI200 Crazy Vape Coil
Description: Pre-build NI200 crazy vape coils,10pcs per pack,26GA and 28GA available,made of NI20..
Mix Twisted Premade Vape Coils
Description: mix twisted premade vape coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.45ohm,the kernel is 0.2 a..
Kanthal A1 Custom Vape Coils
Description: Kanthal a1 custom vape coils,10pcs per pack,0.3ohm,0.5ohm,0.8ohm and 1.0ohm coils av..
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juggernaut cheap vape coils
Description: juggernaut cheap vape coils,10pcs per pack,resistance 0.55ohm,model(28GA+32GA)*2+(0...

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