Replacement Core For Wismec Elabo Tank

Description: Replacement cores for the wismec elabo tank, 0.2ohm triple core and NS triple 0.25oh..


Aspire Nautilus II Replacement Cores

the Aspire Nautilus II Replacement Cores, 0.7ohm and 1.8ohm BVC coil heads available,5pcs per pack, ..


TFV12 Octuple Replacement Coil Head V12-T8

V12-T8 Octuple Replacement Coils for TFV12 king cloud beast tank use only, resistance 0.16ohm, bring..


Replacement Cores For Vape Pen 22

Description: Replacement cores for smok vape pen 22 use only, 5pcs per pack, 0.25ohm, 0.3ohm and ..


Replacement Cores For Yocan NYX

Replacement cores for Yocan NYX Wax Atomizer can select ceramic donut coil and quartz dual coil. the..


Joyetech BFXL Kth-0.5Ohm DL Core

Features: Newest joyetech BFXL kth 0.5ohm DL core, resistance 0.5ohm, 5pcs per pack, made of kant..


Joyetech BFL KTH-0.5OHM DL Core

Features: Joyetech BFL kth-0.5ohm DL cores, using kanthal coil, resistance 0.5ohm,5pcs per pack,&..


Smoktech V12-X4 Quadruple Coils

Description: smoktech V12-X4 quadruple coils, resistance 0.15ohm, the coil head consist of quadru..


Smoktech V12-RBA Coil Head

Description: Smok TFV12 cloud beast tank RBA coil head V12-RBA,25mm large deck, with velocity sty..


Smok Tech V12-RBA-T Core

Smok tech V12-RBA-T core, original triple coil deck, massive airflow, and dense vapor, avaliable for..


Smoktech V12-T6 Sextuple Core

Description: Smoktech V12-T6 sextuple core, resistance 0.17ohm, with 3 juice flow control design,..


Smok V12-T12 Duodenary Coils

Newest Smok V12-T12 Duodenary Cois, resistance 0.12ohm, cloud vapor chasing core, 6 dual-parallel co..


Smok V12-Q4 Quadruple Coils

Description: Newest Smok V12-Q4 Quadruple Coils, resistance 0.15ohm, brings smooth taste and sati..


Eleaf ES Sextuple 0.17OHM Coil Head

Newest eleaf es sextuple coil head,5pcs per pack, resistance 0.17ohm, compatible with VW, bypass and..


Ceravape Ceramic Replacement Cores

Features: Ceramic replacement cores for cerabis 44 and cerabis 45 sub ohm tanks use only, made..