V12 Prince Q4 Replacement Coils By Smoktech

Description: Smoktech V12 prince Q4 replacement coils, 3pcs per pack, resistance 0.4ohm, can..


V12 Prince M4 Replacement Coils By Smoktech

Description: V12 prince M4 quadruple replacement coils, resistance 0.17ohm, can works betwee..


Replace Coil Heads For Captain X3

Description: Replace coil heads for captain x3 sub ohm tank, 3pcs per pack, X3-C1, and X3-C3 avai..


Replacement Cores For TFV12 Prince Tank

Description: Newest replacement cores for smok TFV12 prince beast tank, Q4, X6, T10, M4 and RBA a..


UD Zephyrus V3 0.15ohm Octuple Coil Head

Description: UD Zephyrus v3 0.15ohm octuple coil head, made of kanthal vape wire and organic cott..


Smok Stick M17 0.6ohm Dual Coils

The Smok stick M17 0.6ohm dual coils for Smok Stick M17 Vape Pen use. the new coil heads wi..


Horizon Arco II T6 Coil Head

Description: Replacement coils heads for horizon arco II tanks, the resistance of T6 coil head is..


Eleaf GS Air Coil Heads

Description: GS air coil heads, with a vertical structure, increase the surface of the area, made..


Replacement Cores For Firefox Tank

Description: Replacement coils for ample firefox sub ohm tanks, 3pcs per pack, resistance 0.3ohm,..


UD MOCC Mesh Vertical Coils

Description: UD MOCC CV01 mesh vertical coils made of SS316L vape wire and organic cotton, with v..


Evolve Plus XL Quartz Rod Coils

Description: Evolve plus XL features unique quad coil technology by using 4 quartz rod coil, made..


Joyetech EX Series Coil Heads

Description: Joyetech newest EX series coil heads include 0.5ohm direct-lung coil heads and EX 1...


Eleaf HW3 HW4 Replacement Cores

Description: Newest eleaf HW3 triple-cylinder 0.2ohm core and HW4 quad-cylinder 0.3ohm core,5pcs ..


Replacement Cores For Captain Mini Tank

Description: Replacement cores for ijoy captain mini tanks, 3pcs per pack, 0.3ohm CA-M2 coil head..


Eleaf IC 1.3oHm Vape Coil Heads

Description: Newest eleaf IC 1.3ohm vape coil heads,5pcs per pack, it's consisted of single coil ..