Resin TFV8 Big Baby Glass Tank Drip tip

This kit includes one resin glass tank and one resin drip tip, six different colors available, fit f..


TFV8 Epoxy Resin Expansion Replacement Tank

Newest TFV8 expansion replacement tank, made of epoxy resin, five different colors available, diamet..


Demon Killer Resin Replacement Glass Tank

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Demon Killer Resin Glass Tube Drip Tip Kit

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Fireluke Replacement Glass Tube

Features: Fireluke replacement glass tube, made of high borosilicate material, with bubble s..


Authentic Smoktech TFV8 Replacement Glass Tube

Description: Authentic Smoktech TFV8 replacement glass tubes, made of high-quality Pyrex glass, o..


Authentic Smoktech TFV12 Replacement Glass Tube

The authentic Smoktech tfv12 replacement glass tube, only clear color available, it can hold 6ml e j..