Horizon Arco Flavor Vape Tank 5ML

Description: Newest horizon arco flavor vape tank, made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, four ..


Horizon Arco II T6 Coil Head

Description: Replacement coils heads for horizon arco II tanks, the resistance of T6 coil head is..


Horizon Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

1.new horizon arctic sub ohm tank support resistance as low as 0.2ohm2.arctic sub ohm tank with the ..


Horizon Arctic Turbo Coil Head

Features: horizon arctic turbo coil heads, resistance is 0.2ohm,5pcs per pack. the coil head with..


Horizon Arctic Turbo Sub Ohm Tank

Horizon newest sub ohm tank arctic turbo, made of 304 stainless steel and pyrex glass, can hold 4ml ..


Horizon Arctic V12 Replacement Cores

Features: Replacement cores for arctic v12 sub ohm tank, 0.1ohm arctic v12 coil-120-180watts 0.3..


Horizon Arctic V12 Sub Ohm Tank

Newest horizon company sub ohm tank arctic v12, made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, black and s..


Horizon DUOS RDTA Tank 5ML

Newest horizon DUOS RDTA tank, made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, black and silver colors aval..


Horizon Falcon 7ML Replacement Bubble Glass Tank

Description: The bubble replacement glass tank for Horizon Falcon Tank,1pc per pack, it will enla..


Sale -43%

Horizon Falcon Replacement Coil Heads

Description: Replacement Coil Heads For Horizon Falcon, 3pcs per pack, vapers can select the..

$20.90 $11.90

Sale -39%

Horizon Magico Pod Stick Vape Pen 2000mAh 5.5ML

The Horizon Magico Pod Stick Vape Pen, which with the pen style AIO design, 6 fashionable colors ava..

$54.10 $32.99

Vaporizer Coil For Horizon Arco Tank

Description: Vaporizer coils for horizon arco tank only, 3pcs per pack, 0.2ohm A4 and A6 coil hea..


Sale -42%

Horizon Arco V2 Sub Ohm Tank

Description: Newest horizon sub ohm tank arco V2, which is an upgraded version of arco tank. can ..

$45.00 $25.90

Sale -46%

Horizon Falcon 7ML Sub Ohm Tank Resin Edition

Description: The Horizon Falcon Resin Edition Tank, which made of high-quality stainless steel an..

$49.90 $27.00

Sale -36%

Horizon Falcon King Mesh Replacement Coil Heads

Description:The Replacement Coil Heads For Horizon Falcon King, 3pcs per pack, M1+ and M-Dual mesh c..

$14.90 $9.50