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Eleaf HM Series Mesh Coil Heads 5PCS/Pack

The Eleaf HW series mesh coil heads, made of high-quality kanthal vaping material and organic cotton..

$15.80 $12.80

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Eleaf iJust 21700 80W Vape Pens With 5.5ML Ello Duro Tanks

The Eleaf iJust 21700 Vape Pens are the newest member of Eleaf iJust series, the kit includes the iJ..

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Eleaf Elven Replacement Pods

Description:The Eleaf Elven Replacement Pods features the side refill design without leaking, which ..


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Eleaf Elven Pod System Kit 360mAh 1.6ML

Description:Newest Eleaf Elven Pod System Starter Kits, which with ultra-small size, lightweight and..

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Eleaf iStick Pico X 75W Cheap Starter Kit With Melo 4 Tank

Description:Welcome the Eleaf iStick Pico X Cheap Starter Kit, which is the newest member of Eleaf i..

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Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W 4400mAh Starter Kit

Description:The Eleaf iStick Nowos 80W Starter Kits, which is the newest member of istick series vap..

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iJust ECM 3000mAh Eeaf Vape Battery

Description:The Eleaf Vape Battery iJust ECM, 5 colors available, the fashionable stylish looking wi..

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Eleaf EC Series Coil Heads

Description:The eleaf EC series coil heads, include EC-N 0.15ohm coil head and EC-M 0.15ohm cores, b..

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Eleaf iJust ECM Box Mod Tanks

Description:The Eleaf ijust ECM box mod tanks, 5 colors available, made of high-quality stainless st..

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Eleaf iJust ECM Vapour Pen

Description:The eleaf ijust ECM vapour pen, 5 fashionable colors available, with stylish looking and..

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Eleaf iWu Replacement Cartridges

Description:The replacement cartridges for eleaf iwu pod system vape kit, the eleaf pods with innova..

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Eleaf iStick Amnis 900mAh Mod Battery

Description:The Eleaf iStick Amnis Mod Battery, which with sleekly designed with a remarkably small ..

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Eleaf GS Drive Atomizer 2ML

Description:The eleaf GS drive atomizer, can hold 2ml e juice, with retractable top refill design, a..

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Eleaf GS Air M 0.35OHM Coil Heads

Description:The Eleaf GS Air M 0.35ohm Coil Heads, 5pcs per pack, made of kanthal mesh vape wire, co..

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Eleaf iStick Amnis Portable Starter Kit

Description:The Eleaf iStick Amnis Starter Vape Kit, the new vape kit include istick amnis battery a..

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