Hi, all dear smokstore customers, we launched the new vape program and we called it Vape And Money. the program is simple, encourage all paid customers to share the deals, shopping experience from us on vape forums, vape related posts, threads, reddit, youtube video, blogs etc.


How can i join this program?

all paid customers can join this program.


What you will get from Vape And Money?

if customers share any deals, shopping, product experience or our website products, and send us the links, we will refund the 5% of your pay to your account. (not include the cost of shipping, max $50)the money will be paid as store credit.


How you can use the store credit?

customers can use the store credit to order new vape stuff at any time.


When you will get the store credit?

after a customer sent us the link of the posts, video or others, we will add the store credit immediately. (Email:info@smokstore.com)


What I can post?

customers can post everything about smokstore, deals, products, product experience, news etc.


Where I can post?

the customer can post on youtube, blogs, forums, reddit, and other vape related websites.