Hi, Guys, if you got the message below, we are very sorry to let you know, your Credit Card Payment failed? not sure what happened and you sure you have the money, today let's check why the payment failed.

Credit Card Payment Failed

1. Payment Failed, Do not honour

The DO NOT HONOR or Invalid Service Code messages indicate that the customer card's issuing bank will not validate the transaction and provide an authorization code. Essentially, it means that the credit card being used for the transaction has been completely rejected by the issuing bank. To resolve the issue, you must contact the customer credit card's issuing bank and obtain a verbal authorization code for the transaction. After obtaining the authorization code, you can then capture the transaction manually. 

2. Payment Failed, The order has been refused

Because we are a Chinese company, so if you pay the money to the foreign merchant, your bank may decline it automatically unless got your authorize, so you should contact your bank to approve the payment.

3. Invalid number

It means your input the wrong card number or security number, so please recheck the card number and correct it.

4. High Risk

You ensure to input the correct card number and the payment approved, but why the payment failed because of High Risk? because maybe the shipping address is not your used address or the address you always lived on, so your bank thinks maybe your card was stolen or lost, you need to update the address with your bank to solve it. the other reason is you did the fraud operation recently or take the chargeback action frequently.

all of them are the main reasons why the payment failed, if after you take the action and still not fix the issue, we are very sorry for the inconvenience, please contact us asap.