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  • Brand: Bauway
  • Product Code: Herbstick 02

Bauway newest dry herb vape pen, all alloy body, stainless steel leaves the chamber, with steel mesh window can dissipate heat effectively to ensure vaporizer surface not too hot, 6 temperature setting:160C/170C/180C/190C/200C210C, premium 2200mah battery support 100minutes working. 10minutes auto shut off the safety and save power. silicone mouthpiece ensures an optimum temperature when using.leaves can be stirred by revolving the mouthpiece.


Ultimate vapor control:

The LED of herbstick has dual roles, LED indicator to know the battery power level and temperature stage, cutting system help select the ideal temperature for vaping. if you want the herbstick working at a higher temperature, press the button 2times within 1.5seconds, relative LED flashes for 3times when switching to next temperature stage when the temperature reaches relative range, LED flash prompt user to smoke.



  • Type: Dry Herb Kit
  • Brand: Bauway
  • Model: Herbstick 02
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Green, Blue
  • Material: Stainless steel+pyrex glass
  • Resistance: 0.5-1.0ohm
  • working voltage: DC3.7V
  • Size: 140*29*29mm
  • Battery capacity: 22000mAh
  • Weight: 350g

Battery power level

White 50%-100%

Blue 20%-50%

Red 0-20%

Temperature range

Cyan 160±3℃ (320℉)

Blue 170±3℃ (338℉)

Green 180±3℃(356℉)

Purple 190±3℃(374℉)

Yellow 200±3℃(392℉)

Red 210±3℃(410℉)


How To Use:

1) screw the mouthpiece off.

2)pill the vaporizer with ground tobacco or wax.

3)screw the mouthpiece onto the herbstick fairly tightly.

4)press the button up to 3seconds manually to turn the herbstick on.

LED will flash 5times and keep lighting on.

5)press the button 2times in a row within 1.5seconds, LED flash green color 3times, the herbstick begin to work.


1*herbstick 02

1*USB+wall charger

1*vape pick

1*cleaning brush

5*cleaning tips

3*silicone mouthpiece covers

1*user manual

1*warranty card

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