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Eleaf Mini iStick Battery 10W

The Eleaf Mini iStick Battery 10W is a scaled down version of the istick battery series. It has a mo..

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26650 Power Lithium Battery 2500mAh

The 26650 Power Lithium Battery is made from a fully nickel plated steel case. It is not only explos..

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21700 Power Lithium Battery 5000mAh

The 21700 Power Lithium Battery is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, rechargeable, high..

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Kanger EVOD Battery 1600mAh

The Kanger EVOD VV Battery is a portable rechargeable battery with a large capacity of 1600mAh that ..

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Yocan LUX Battery

Yocan LUX Vape Battery has two types of batteries, Yocan LUX Max Vape Battery and Yocan LUX Plus Bat..

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Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Battery

The Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Battery has a current of 490mah that will keep you going all day.The Leaf IORE..

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Artery NUGGET AIO Silicone Case

Specification:·Material:Edible grade silica gel·Size:35mm*30mm*81mm·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Green,Tran..


The Silicone Case Of Artery PAL SE Pod

Specification:·Size:15mm*25mm*106mm·Material:Edible grade silica gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Green,Tra..


Voopoo Vinci Air Silicone Case

SPECIFICATION:·Size:29.6mm*21mm*74.4mm·Material:Edible grade silica gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Green,..


The Silicone Case Of IJOY Jupiter

SPECIFICATION:·Size:33mm*26mm*89mm·Material:Edible grade silica gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Green,Tran..


Geekvape M100 Aegis Mini 2 Silicone Case

SPECIFICATION:·Size:87mm*29mm*41mm·Material:Edible grade silica gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Transparen..


The Eleaf Ijust S Silicone Cases

SPECIFICATION:·Model:Silicone Case 081·Material:Edible Grade Silica Gel·Size:25.6mm*126mm·Use:Suitab..


The Silicone Case of Geekvape Aegis Pod

Specification:·Size:42mm*18mm*90mm·Material:Edible Grade Silica Gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Luminous G..


VTV Silicone Protection Case

Specification:·Size:22mm*13mm*115mm·Material:Edible Grade Silica Gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Luminous ..


The New SX Mini YIHI Silicone Case

Specification:·Size:24mm*15mm*116mm·Weight:0.0136kg·Model:Food grade silica gel·Colors:Black,Red,Blu..