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Flowermate Aura Dry Herb Liquid Portable Pen

Description:The flowermate aura dry herb liquid portable pen for both dry materials and liquids. the..

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Flowermate S30 Portable Wax Oil Vape Pen

Description: Flowermate S30 portable wax oil vape pen, portable design style, ultimate in portabi..

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Flowermate Swift Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

Description: The flowermate swift pro dry herb vaporizer is the full convection device that acts ..

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Flowermate V3.0 Air Weed Dry Herb Oil Wax Vape Pen

Description: Flowermate V3.0 air is 3in1 aromatherapy vape pen for dry herb, weed, oil, and wax. ..


Flowermate V7.0s Dry Herb Weed Kit

Description: Flowermate v7.0s can be used for dry herb, weed, e-juice, and wax, with completely i..


Flowermate Hybrid X Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Features: Flowermate hybrid x dry herb vaporizer pen, four fashionable colors available, built-in..


Flowermate Hybrid Dry Herb Vape Kit

Description: Flowermate hybrid dry herb vape kit, not only fit for dry herb, also can be use..


Flowermate iHit Desktop Dry Herb eNail

Description: Newest flowermate ihit desktop dry herb enail, built-in 5000mah battery, can be used..