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Keep Smoke Away From You: When you smoking, The Cigarette Holder Ring's pole allows your slender fingers to not change color by smoke, allowing you to enjoy tobacco while not worrying about it hurting your hand.

The cigarette holder uses a unique ring designation, which is very individual and artistic. Suitable for all women and men with advanced aesthetics.

Regardless of viewing the smoke holder from any angle, it has a special appearance, which can be used as an excellent decoration and  make you look more outstanding.

Whether as a party gift or a gift for other occasions, it can accomplish the task. Because of its artistry, functionality and uniqueness. Give the cigarette holder as a surprise to a friend who smokes and he will be overjoyed.

The Ring Cigarrete Holder include 9 colors.There are MercuryVenus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune,Galaxy(gold),Galaxy(silver).It gives you a lot of options.





Volume:12cm * 3cm * 3cm



Package Contents:

1 x Holder

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